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Things You Can Do to Keep Your Parker Hydraulics in Top Condition

Do you feel like you aren’t getting the most from your machinery?

Do you think it isn’t performing the best it can?

If you’ve serviced your equipment and you still aren’t seeing a change, maybe it’s time to take a different approach. Sometimes, all you need to do is add small preventative steps to change performance. Parker hydraulics are some of the best in the industry and if you give them a little care, you can get a lot out of them!

Meeting Standards for Transportation Tube Fittings

Choosing the right transportation tube fittings will provide your business with a dependable and leak-free solution to many industrial needs. Parker fittings are made by a company that has a century of experience engineering innovative parts for the industrial and aerospace markets. When you order Parker fittings, you can have confidence that industrial specification requirements are met.

How to Ensure Your Donaldson Air Filter is Working Properly

Many rely on Donaldson Air filter products for their property because of their quality materials and track record of fantastic performance. However, there are things you can do to ensure your filter is working in optimal conditions. This not only improves performance, but also can extend the life of your filter. Here are a couple things you should do to make sure everything is working properly:

How Do Vehicles Benefit from Firestone Air Springs?

While some have heard of air spring systems in their vehicles, many don’t know of the benefits they have. Air springs have a number of highly beneficial traits that help vehicles in a number of ways. Everything from replacement, wear and tear, and performance are assisted by your air spring systems. There are many kinds of air spring products, but one of the most trusted is the Firestone air springs product line. Here are a couple benefits that many people don’t realize about them:

1) It Improves the Overall Ride
The use of Firestone air springs, or any related system, help stabilize your vehicle. It gives it more effective turning, breaking, and handling in general. Also, if you tend to have larger loads in your vehicle, air springs help weight distribution tremendously.

Graco Drum Pumps: Tips to Keep Equipment in Top Condition

Graco Drum Pumps are a fantastic addition to any business or project. As a quality piece of equipment, they make reliable investment and lighten the workload. However, by not checking the pump and its additional components periodically, you’re throwing away money on your investment. Since you probably don’t want to replace your drum pump all that often, you should perform checks on the following and do maintenance as needed.

Tips for Storing Your Donaldson Air Filter

When replacing an air filter, using Donaldson Filtration is a quality choice. They make products for a number of jobs and needs, making a Donaldson air filter a great option for any project. However, sometimes we can harm our air filters before we even install them. This can then cause harm to your machinery, hurt product lifespans, and waste money. These are a few storage habits Donaldson recommends:

How to Tell if it is Time to Replace Your Firestone Air Springs

Replacing your Firestone Air Springs is a crucial part of any maintenance plan. But knowing when to replace your air springs can sometimes be difficult to decide. The wear, any damage, mileage are all factors into when you should replace them. Ultimately, there isn’t a concrete answer, but these are some reasons that point to replacement.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Graco Drum Pump

Drum pumps are a very important part of many businesses’ equipment. When they break, you usually need to replace them as quickly as possible to get back on track. However, if you haven’t replaced a Graco drum pump before, this can be a daunting task. By answering these questions, along with talking with a mechanics expert, you can find the pump that is right for your job and get back to work.

Dents on Liquid Filters

Dents on your filter may result in a cracked filter. These dents often come from an improper installation. Filters with dents should not be used, and filters dented after installation should be replaced as soon as possible. The cost of replacing a dented filter pales in comparison to the cost of any damages that could come out of a dented filter that fails while in use.

How Big is a Micron

The Beta Rating System

A beta ratio (symbolized by the Greek letter β) is a formula that is used to calculate the filtration efficiency of a particular fluid filter by using base data obtained from multi-pass testing. The purpose of a multi-pass test is to have a lab based procedure that will give one reproducible data that can be used to evaluate the efficiency of hydraulic filters. In a multi-pass test, fluid is continuously injected with a uniform amount of contaminant then pumped through the filter unit being tested. Filter efficiency is determined by monitoring the fluid contamination levels upstream and the contamination levels downstream of the test filter at specific times. An automatic particle counter is used to determine the contamination level. Through this process an upstream to downstream particle count ratio is developed, known as the beta ratio.

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